Friday, November 30, 2012

The Future of the Z Age

  I will be doing something different with this blog, and I will keep up on it a bit more this time. I will write out some short stories, nothing perfect mind you just the rough one. Most likely these will be made up on the spot as I write a blog post. I will also take ideas. If you have a scene or thought, maybe I can turn it into more (Challenge accepted). I will also post portions or scenes that I am writing in my longer works. This seems to be along the same lines that I have been doing in the past, but there will be more.

  I would love to also do reviews of other books. The good, bad or ugly of it. Even maybe review other blogs or guest on them or have guests on my blog. Movies as well, but that would be limited to one certain genre. I will also be writing posts that have to do with sustainability. Not that I feel like I am going to only want to this type of thing, but in this world it may be a good idea to know this type of info. Even product reviews are not out of the question, as long as they fit the theme, then they should be talked about.

  If you have read any of my stories, they are all themed horror. Add to that they all usually have zombies. Now, as much as I love zombies, they are not my whole imagination. I have a lot of things that are spinning around in my head and there is no way to write them all without expanding my horizons. Here is the best part about it though, they all live in this same world. So stay tuned and you may see the evolution of my work. I personally cannot wait. Now, maybe I can entertain for a minute here:

  The bite burned like hell. Thom did not really know why his dog had freaked out the way he had and why he had suddenly bit his master of ten years. At this point Thom didn't care. All he cared about was getting the torn flesh on his hand cleaned up and bandaged. The water was cold and stung something fierce, causing Thom's bearded face to contort. "Shit. I need stitches." Thom said through gritted teeth.

  Thom's dog laid in the corner, both cowering from his master and in pain. With a towel now wrapped around his hand Thom went to look at his dog, now that he had been calmed down. What Thom had not noticed before was the dark smear of blood on his dog's hind leg. "Hey boy, let me look at that." Thom reached out and the dog growled at him. "It's ok, I am not gonna hurt you." He inched closer a bit to get a better look at his dog.

  The wound on the dog's hind leg looked to be a bite mark. "That is why you bit me. Guess I am not the only one that may need a doctor." Thom looked to try and tell what had bit his dog. His first guess was another dog, but the shape of the wound did not match that of a dogs. "You know boy, if I didn't know better, I would say the a person bit you." Thom's dog just whimpered a bit and rolled to his side, breathing heavily.

  "OK, lets get to the vet so we can have you checked out. I can wait a bit." Thom picked his dog up, who whimpered even more this time, and carried him out to the car. The drive to the vet was not long, but still it was a ways away from where Thom lived. Living in a rural area, nothing is close to each other and driving is the only way to get anywhere. What Thom did notice though was that something very strange was going on. In fact, this time of day would normally be a quiet ride with almost no one around. Today was different.

  The first thing that tipped him off was the car that was half off the road, but no one was around. Normally people would be waiting for the police to show, or a friend or even a tow. Not today. The second such car he saw made him very aware that things were not right. Although people jogging was not an uncommon site, someone running in fear was new. Add to that, that same person being chased by what looked to be a beat up bum was definitely strange.

  "What is wrong with the world today. You ok back there Buddy" Thom said to his dog. With that Buddy let out another whimper louder than any since he was first hurt. Thom looked over his shoulder to make sure his dog was going to be fine for a few more minutes. With his head turned Thom did not see the truck pulling out of the side street until it was too late. Although he slammed on his breaks it did not prevent the two vehicles from crashing into one another. Glass shattered and Thom flew forward, luckily his seat belt and air bag kept him from flying through the windshield but did not prevent his head from hitting the steering wheel. For a moment Thom thought he saw someone running away, but his vision quickly dimmed and everything went blank.

  Wow, OK. I think I will stop there for now. I think I know where this story is going, but I am not sure. It really is up to Thom. I am sure to make his life hell though, so do not think that he is going to be fine for long. Let me know what you think and maybe what could be improved. My writing is always getting better so I appreciate any thing you give me.