Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thom's Bad day

   This story here actually starts here: The Future Of the Z Age

    The sounds of screaming penetrated the blackness that had engulfed Thom. His head hurt something fierce and all was still dark but he knew he had to try and get going. He remembered looking at his dog and then he had crashed into something, but what? A low whimper broke through the pain and Thom remembered the truck now, and his dog in the back seat! Thom fought the darkness and slowly light penetrated his world, showing him exactly the carnage that lay around him.

  'Holy shit." His car was totaled and so was the truck that he had hit. "Buddy!" Thom quickly turned in his seat to look at his dog. The sudden movement brought the world spinning around him and he nearly emptied his stomach. He closed his eyes one more time to try and stop the world from spilling him into space. Slowly things straightened enough that he could look at his dog once more.

  Buddy was now on the floor of the car panting lightly with those low whimpers that Thom had heard escaping every few seconds. "OK boy. We will get you some help." Thom struggled to move to try and comfort his dog and found he himself was stuck in the front seat. His seat belt had become jammed and he could not release the thing. "Come on you piece of shit."

   Another whimper escaped Buddy as Thom fought his restraints. "Just give me one more second Buddy." Still though Thom could not get his seat belt to release. He remembered that he did have a knife in the glove box and would just cut the belt. Heck, the car was totaled anyway. Thom was just able to reach his glove box with the tips of his fingers, popping it open with a little squeeze. There the knife sat, but just out of reach.

   Thom grunted and squeezed, trying to gain every little inch he possibly could. Still his fingers just seemed to be too short. A sharp rap upon the passenger side window caused Thom to jump out of his seat and back against the driver door. There banging upon the car was what Thom thought must be the person from the other vehicle, they were covered in blood and looked injured.

   "Are you ok man? My seat belt is stuck and my dog is in the back seat. Can you help me?" Thom asked the new arrival. This person didn't even act as if he had heard what Thom had said and continued to bang upon the door. 'What is wrong with you? Come around the car." Still though they just banged on the window. Thom was confused by this until  he saw another person walk up to the same side of the car as the first. Both of them looked hurt, but something was definitely wrong with them. They had this strange look in their eyes and both were snapping their jaws like trying to eat something just out of reach.

   "What the hell. Screw this." With a new effort Thom began banging against his belt, reaching desperately for that knife that would free him. His hand banged against the glove box, causing the knife itself to shift. Thom tried again, and again until finally the knife had slid just close enough to Thom that he could grab at it. A third figured began banging on the back passenger side of the car, startling THom again and causing the knife to slip out of his fingers to the floor in front of him.

  'Focus dumbass!" Thom yelled at himself. He did not know what was going on around him, but he knew that he had to get out of there or he would be in some serious trouble in just a few minutes. bending forward He was able to finally get the grip on his knife that he needed and brought it up to his belt. It was sharp and cut through the restraint without any effort.

  Finally free Thom pushed up and around his seat to get a good look at his dog. He tried his best to ignore the now four figures along his passenger side trying to get into his car. If he did not hurry they would start to move around to the driver side and he would have no way out of there without coming face to face with these people. "Oh buddy, come on boy. We have to get out of here." Thom reached down to see if he could pick his dog up and place him on the seat before making his escape and carrying him.

   Tears began to slide from Thom's eyes though, 'Buddy, no boy. Please no." At some point over the last couple of minutes Buddy had stopped breathing. Thom's vision again blurred to near blindness in his grief. "AAAArrrrggghh!" Thom yelled then."What the Fuck is going on!" Those people that were banging on his windows paid no mind to his yelling and continued. One started to find it's way around the back side of the car to the driver side.

  After one last long look Thom turned from his dog and opened his door. Standing outside of his car he realized that what he had thought might be a breeze was in fact those people that had been  beating his car. Each saw him get out from the car and all of them began to walk around the vehicle to get at him. The one that had already been around the back of the car was the first that Thom came close to.

  With outstretched hands and moans from his mouth it reached for Thom. With a strong shove Thom was able to push it over, but it came back to its feet and tried again. Thom was able to easily knock it over once more, but found that he may not be able to keep that up when it came to three or four of them at once. Thom moved away from them all and around the side of the truck. This is where he found what had been screaming a few minutes earlier.

That is it for this installment. Until next time.