Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Bite Cont

Richard was heading into work, being his own boss he could show up whenever he wanted to. He owned a resale business, he would buy and sell stuff on the internet and make a profit. He was a genius when it came to that sort of thing, and that had allowed him to buy an office and hire a few people to help him with it and things had been going great. Then this morning he had gotten a phone call from the secretary saying that things were going badly and they needed him there right away. Here he was speeding down the highway, trying to get there as fast as possible. He didn’t even notice the fact that there were so few cars on the road, so intent was he in driving and his cell phone.

His office was a little shop in a strip mall, luckily it was a busy place and the front gave much needed advertisement for him. There were a bunch of smaller stores in the strip, with a large hardware store and clothing store there as well. When he pulled into the parking lot he was not prepared for the sight that he saw. It was a madhouse. People were everywhere, and there were no parking spaces. He finally found a spot way out at the end, so he had to walk all the way across the parking lot just to get to his office.

Once inside, he noticed right away why they needed him so badly, apparently most of his office staff had either not shown that day or they had called out. ‘Is there a holiday I don’t know about? Are they all out at the bar getting blitzed without me?”

“I don’t know sir, but we have been slammed this morning for some of the strangest stuff, I don’t know if we can get a hold of it” Said Judy. She was the one receptionist that had actually shown up today, and by the looks of it she was near the breaking point as it was.

“Ensure you write down everyone who is not here today and send them there last check, they are all fired. Run an ad, we need some help.” Richard barked. Judy cringed at this but did as she was told, she needed this job real bad and couldn’t afford to piss off Richard any more than he was.

“Yes Sir, already got the list. We did get what we were waiting on, but now UPS says they won’t be back to get what we need to send out.” Obviously this was the wrong thing to say. Richard got this intense look in his eyes like he was going to rip her head off and Shit down it.

“Just take care of what I said, and don’t bother me I will be taking calls in my office.” Richard swept past Judy and slammed his door. Once inside he started to settle to answer a phone call when there was a small crash out front. “What the fuck was that Judy? Make sure you clean it up.” Turning back to his phone he answered the first one. “What the fuck do you want? A what? No, we don’t have any crossbows on hand.” Click, “What a crazy bitch, that’s it, I am going to cut the damn phone line.” CRASH “What the Fuck Judy, I said stop screwing around out there…. Judy?”

There was only silence that responded to Richard. Slowly he moved forward, not sure what he would find. He opened the door and realized what the crash was. The front window to the place had been shattered, but there was no Judy to be found. Looking around he could see blood smeared on the floor and what looked like some drag marks leading off towards the bathroom. “Stupid bitch, probably cut herself on the glass and had to go and clean herself up. Now I might have a lawsuit on my hands. God Damn it Judy, wha...” He just rounded the corner to the bathroom when he saw it.

It looked like a man was bending over Judy giving her mouth to mouth, but then he lifted his head and in his mouth was Judy’s nose. Her face had been torn open buy the things teeth and it looked like a bite had been taken from her throat as well, probably what had killed her. Richard panicked, “Wh wha what the fuck? Shit, fuck, god damn.” It then stood up, and slowly started making its way toward Richard. “What the fuck do you want? I have money, anything just talk to me, what do you want?” For its response opened its mouth and allowed Richard to see all its teeth. It just kept coming.

Frantically Richard looked around, some way to escape. The front was the only way out, but he wasn’t thinking clearly, and he tripped over something, what was it? Then he saw it, and immediately he had to thank Judy for something that she now did right, even if she were dead. It kept coming forward, at its god awful slow pace, but still always coming. It was a man, must have been a worker over at the hardware store, he still was wearing his apron. In Richard’s hand was a golf club that he had pulled out of the umbrella stand. He swung with all his might, a swing that could have taken the mightiest giant in the world down, if it had hit him. His swing had missed, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. “Shit, this is it.” The zombie also fell down, and was now crawling towards Richard. Something then stopped it, and when Richard could see what it was he was amazed and thrilled, at first.

There crawling towards the both of them was Judy, she was pulling on the leg of the zombie. All Richard thought at first was she was pulling it off of him. Then he saw her eyes and realized the error of this thought. They were glazed and faraway, like she was dead. She wasn’t trying to pull the first one off; she was joining it to get a bite. “Oh, fuck what now. This is not fucking happening to me now, God Damn it.” Bang. A moment of Silence and then Bang. All Richard could see were two dead bodies now, both their heads were missing or partially gone. Richard was covered in gore, wondering what the fuck had just happened. He then looked around just to find a barrel pointing right in his face.

“Were you bitten? Are you ok?” The mystery person asked.

“Ya, I am fine. Could you get that fucking barrel out of my face now?” Richard responded. Who the fuck was this guy to just walk in and point a gun at me?

“Just had to make sure, here let me help you up.” He handed Richard a hand.

“I can do it myself, thanks. Who the fuck are you? What the fuck is going on man?” Richard Demanded.

“Hey man, sorry. Just wasn’t sure, you know? My name is John, what’s yours?”

“I am Richard, sorry the way I snapped, that one there would be my secretary, do you know what the fuck is going on man?”

“I can’t be too sure, it just seems like these things are zombies. There are a shit ton of them around. I heard a shout and came over to investigate. Good timing if you ask me, a minute more you would have been one of them. I got my truck out here, just gotta get to it. Are you with me, or not?”

“Shit man. Oh fuck. Ya, I will go with you, all I got though is this club, what can that do?”

“Just actually hit em in the head, should work pretty well. I got some other stuff in my truck, I was able to stock up before the shit really hit the fan and everyone got here. The crowd that is when it got bad, with all the people around it only took a couple of them before everyone panicked and started to run. Looks like most of them got distracted from here, but we better get a move on.”

“Ya, ok.” This all hit Richard so hard, but he was willing to go along, as long as it kept him alive. He was also a little pissed at this John guy making fun of him. He swung that club, don’t some fucking hick farmer saving his ass then rubbing it in.

They went outside. The parking lot was a completely different scene than what it was just a short while back. There were a lot of cars just sitting around, some burning. He could see things moving inside a couple of cars, but Richard didn’t want to get a closer look at what it was that was moving around. He could see a few of them off in the distance either following someone else or moving aimlessly around. A few of them had seen them and were ambling their way towards them, but they were all a ways away.

John couldn’t believe this guy. He had saved his life, and then acted like such an asshole about it. He can understand being stressed, this whole thing is crazy, but to act that way to someone who had gone out of their way to help them, disgraceful. This is a different generation. Then he giggled to himself. John he said to himself, Now you’re starting to sound just like dad, if you keep this up you will have to start drinking and wind up killing yourself at a young age. A scream in the distance broke him out of his reverie and right back to this new horrific reality. 

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