Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blindness is the key

I have recently read the latest paper by the Madore brothers. Again, I am shocked at how straightforward their findings are and how shocked I am that I did not think of it myself. If you would like to read it yourself, you can find the link to it here:

I am going to go into some detail and my thoughts on their findings. Basically they found that it really is a lot easier to blind a zombie than it is to kill it outright. In this way, we now have the ability to control them in a fashion that would have been deemed unsafe in the past. Because of this, we now have another tool at our disposal to take care of a zombie menace or to manipulate the hordes of undead.

The first thing I would like to look at is the methods to blind. They state multiple methods, but I have to say my favorite would be the bird shot. It is quick and effective, and with the right weapon one could conceivably take out many targets to deem them less lethal than they were. The other method that I really like is using the paintball gun to blind them temporarily.

What I think I would do though, is blind an angry zombie, then fasten them to a point, maybe on a pedestal surrounded by a deep ditch. Other zombies would be attracted and fall into the ditch. This could be like a cockroach motel. They enter, but never leave.

It is hard for me to really explain how interesting this new tactic can be. Although this will not change how my zombies behave, I think that I could definitely see some of my characters using this method for some of their own purposes.

The only thing I had a question about in the paper though was that once a blind zombie became enraged, they would never calm down again. It makes some sense, but a part of me seems to think that eventually a zombie would calm down. I think I would have to think on it a bit more.

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