Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zombie boot Camp

This is not a post about zombie going through boot camp to run faster and overall eat people better, although that could be interesting, it is an Idea I had just the other day. I was reading some tweets and one link caught my eye, it was a Run for Your Life link. If you have not checked out this site, I would do so now here: . I read into it and instantly fell in love. Then, I went to youtube and found some videos from their 10/22/11 event. Even now I am excited just thinking about it. This looks to be so much fun, and with races next year I could try it myself.

The issue I have though is this, I am out of shape and it may just kill me to do this run. This is where the boot camp idea comes in. I think it would be great to have a place that could help people train for this type of thing. But just running would not be any fun, I would have to make it an experience people would want to come to and maybe even pay for it. So, here is my thought on how a three day trip could be.

Day one: The guests arrive at location. They find right away that this is not going to be a cake walk, as everyone is thrown into some type of PT right away. Obviously guests can opt out of that, but where is the fun in that? Once that is done, we must set up camp. We would actually have to set up tents and start fires. All of this would be survival type of training. Once camp is set up, we take a journey over to the shooting range and get right down to taking a few shots with some guns. Afterward would be dinner and rest. A Campfire would be available for all to sit around and chat it up.

Day two: Early wake up with another bout of PT. Once that is done, we start course training. This would be a simulation of obstacles that one would find on the 5k, and I would even have zombies available to help set the mood. I can assume that this would take most of the morning. Lunch would be followed by combat training. Basically, paintball. Teamwork with different scenarios would be done. One scenario in particular would have some of the people becoming zombies trying to infect others by touching them. Only a shot to the face mask would stop them. Whichever team was left would win it all. I can imagine these games would go on for hours. Dinner and relaxation would follow on this.

Day Three: Again morning PT. Afterward some more obstacle training (different, harder ones). Followed by some training in preparedness. he last day would be filled with camp being broken down and everyone heading back to main base. I am thinking relaxation and food for everyone before they go to leave.

Each day would have other odd training involved, whenever there is some downtime. This is similar to boot camp, but without the really mean drill instructors. It would be fun and engaging at all times. I could easily add in more events into the days, or at night. Such as movies on a screen or even night time games.

That was my thought. What do you think? Would you sign up for a Zombie Boot Camp?

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