Monday, November 21, 2011

Creatures that Go bump

I am working on other short stories at this time, and I was thinking about the direction I wanted to take. Now mind you, I have written a number of stories that involve zombies, but I need to expand my horizon of tales. I love writing about zombies, but I cannot continue writing short stories about them. My novels will be great, I know it, but I just cannot think up anything else with zombies and shorts.

There are plenty of other things thought that I can write about. I thought about mind control or telekinetic abilities, but those sometimes feel over done. Maybe a doll possessed by a serial killer? No, that was done once already. Maybe I shall stick closer to my own thoughts and genre. I have always liked vampires and werewolves. Ghosts and goblins, maybe a troll or two.

OK, let me give it a whirl shall I?

The light flashed so bright Kyle lost all sight. The sensation of weightlessness overcame him for several seconds, each second lasting many times longer than a year felt. A rib cracked and the wind left his lungs in a whoosh as his body hit the ground finally. The smell of gasoline and burning flesh assaulted his nostrils while the heat of flames baked his skin and curled his hair. On instinct Kyle moved away from the heat, still attempting to see but his eyes grasped at nothing but white light.

Kyle's ears lost the ringing sound that had filled them, only to be greeted with the sound of screams of the wounded and dying. Still pulling away from the heat, Kyle's hands grip someone's leg. Horror breaks out across Kyle's face as he realizes that this leg is not attached to anyone. The taste of bile overcome all of his senses with his stomach up heaving everything that he had ever eaten.

The world turned fuzzy as Kyle' vision finally returned, and a scene of dread opened up.....

I think this is a good start to something, now I need to figure where it is going. Maybe next time I will continue with this thought process. Till then, stay safe.

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