Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finding time to write

   I love to write. It is the one thing I can always count on to relieve my stress. It is something that truly springs out of my head and I can finally get those thoughts on paper. It clears my mind of all those thoughts that drive others crazy. Again, I love to write.
  The biggest problem I have with writing is finding the time to actually write. I have found that I write the most and the best during the day, usually in the morning before I really start the day. The problem with that though is that I am usually busy during that time. My wife and kids demand a lot of my time, and my wife hates it when I am home and I ignore them all.
  The time I do get to write? The night time. After the kids are asleep and my wife is curled up in bed watching something on netflix. It is the only time I get to write. Some nights I have a great night and I write a lot and some great stuff. Unfortunately this is usually only about once a week, and most nights I find that I am too tired to even write.
  Maybe I should drink some coffee, or maybe do some exercises in order to have more energy at night. What do you usually do to write at night? I am open to any suggestions that will help me to write more. I have too many good ideas to not write them out, so I guess I will have to try and suck it up to get this writing thing done.

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