Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Heart Land"

   If you have not seen or heard of this movie, then you have been living in a hole. Just so you understand what this movie is about, think about Lord Of the Flies meets 28 Days Later with a sprinkle of Peter Pan. Ya, I bet you could imagine just how awesome this movie can be, and I bet they will not let you down.
   Our friends over at have actually read the script for this movie, and they loved it. You should find their remarks on it at their site. Add to this great review and many others are the fact that they have now created a kickstarter page.

   If you just watched the entire video, then you may be just as excited as I am about their project. I will tell you now that I would go right over to kickstarter and invest 500$ if I had it to invest. If you have anything than this may be something worth while to invest in. I cannot wait for this movie.

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  1. This is very very very interesting. I love that it's a fresh take on the zombie apocalypse world. Encountering huge obstacles because of the children w/ guns thing is, of course, expected. It's a very tricky thing and if they pull it off properly, this is gonna be such an epic addition to the zombie fic world!