Tuesday, September 6, 2011

They did it again

The brothers Madore have done it again. They have published their third paper concerning the physics of zombies, and I am in shock. Not because their imagination is awesome, or that they are so into the science. No, what I am so blown away from is the fact that what they write about is completely plausible. I am not saying probable, as this would be a very specifically engineered virus and bacteria we are talking about, but in the world of science, it could happen.
  Of course I am now really freaked out about the fact that science may someday make it far enough to engineer this thing and it could become a reality. Like "The first men on the Moon", although not scientifically accurate, who would have thought that just 68 years after that book was written we really would have landed on the moon. There are so many things that were written about well before the actual technology and science were at a spot that would allow it to be done.
  Another great example is Star Trek. we all know and love that show, but did you know that the inventor of the cell phone actually got the idea from their communicators on the show. Now that is something amazing. Science-fiction becomes just science. I can wait for the science to make zombies though. Knowing our luck it really would get out and spread around the world.
  So, if you want to read this paper go to necropology.com or follow them @necropology I am telling you that you will not be disappointed.

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