Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Twitter Pick

I have gotten one twitter pick from my followers. I am now currently working on writing a short story that encompasses their idea. I hope to have it finished over the next couple of nights and posted on here then. I will post the short story, then at the end I will post what it was that they sent me for an idea, so that you know what it was that I was working with.

I am a little shocked though that I have not had more responses to this. I really thought I would. That is fine though, I am not deterred to write at all. I will write this short, and then I will continue and write a few more. I am also going to go back to some of my older shorts that I have written and I will reedit them. I will fix them, proof read them, and make them better than they ever were before. One I have done this, I am going to combine all my short stories into one book. This collection I will put onto . I hope this will help get more people involved in my writing. 

I do want to thank the huge amount of support I have been seeing from my Twitter family. I am following over 200 people, and over 200 people are following me. Although I cannot be a part of every single conversation, I am trying to interact where I can. 

I am excited though to get these short stories out there. I really want them to be perfect. Until then though, I will continue writing and editing. Wish me luck.

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