Monday, January 2, 2012

The Restroom Part 1

 "Gotta go. Gotta go." Todd's bladder and stomach felt like it was going to explode. His face was pinched as he concentrated on not going just yet. Every step sent pangs through his body and a chill up his spine. He was not quite dancing like a child, but with just one glance one could tell he really needed to go. The light from the convenience store lit his way as he made it into the store.

"Which way to the restroom?" Todd asked the attendant behind the counter. All they did was nod to the corner with a door. Todd quickly found himself inside the bathroom and immediately a look of disappointment came across his face. It smelled of urine an the toilet itself was stained an unnatural gray. The pressure inside Todd's bowels told him that there was no chance of any other option.

After the initial relief of pressure, Todd finally was able to relax his muscles and rest a moment. It had been draining in more ways than one and he wanted to take the time to ensure that everything was done. It was during this daydream session that a smashing sound was heard.

"Hey, you are going to have to pay for that!" Todd could hear the cashier shouting at someone. They must have dropped some merchandise on the floor. "Hey! Stop what your doing!" The voice sounded almost desperate. Maybe the store was going to be robbed while Todd sat his ass on the shitter, the thought of which actually excited him just a bit.

The frustrated sounds from the cashier turned completely frantic as Todd heard the man yelling into the phone for help before he was cut off with a screech. The sounds in the store became unnaturally quiet. Todd heard nothing for several long moments. He cleaned himself up and headed for the door.

Todd's hands were shaking as he reached for the door handle. He turned the knob slowly and pulled, but nothing happened. He tried it again to find the same results. Finally, Todd looked down to find that the door not only opened outward, but that the dead bolt was clicked over.

With the door unlocked he eased it open, peering around the corner to see if the cashier could be seen at all.  The store appeared to be completely empty. Todd stepped out a few more inches and could see a large mess over in the corner. The cashier must be hiding in the office until the police show up.

Todd was feeling confident and took a full step out the door, allowing him to see almost the entire store even the front door. A scream was heard from just beyond the glass of the front store, but no details could be seen. The lights created such a glare that nothing could be seen through them at all.

A woman in her early twenties came running through the doors, closing them shut behind her and using a display to wedge them closed so no one else could open them from the outside. She took a deep breath and sat down on the floor. Todd could see that she was wearing a pair of jeans that fit her snugly and a sweater over another shirt.

Todd looked at her for another long moment before he realized that there really was no one else in the store. "Hello there." Todd spoke loud enough for her to hear, but so as not to scare her. It didn't work. She jumped up like she had see a ghost and grabbed a nearby piece of wood an brandished it like a sword.

"Hi." Todd tried a second time. "Are you ok?"

"Who are you?" Her eyes were wide, and a look of panic could be seen on her face. She kept glancing around, as if expecting someone to come out of the shadows and jump on her.

"My name is Todd. I was using the restroom over there when I thought I heard the store being robbed. That is why your scared, isn't it?" Todd had been pointing behind him to the restroom in the corner, but had turned back to her confused look. "The store was robbed, wasn't it?

Her confused look changed to horror as she thought about his question. "They ate his face." Was all she said, it was so low that Todd wasn't sure if he heard her correctly.

"They did what?"

"They ate his face. We were stopped at a light just down the road there and they came around the car. We thought it was a bunch of homeless men or gang members or something crazy like that, but they weren't. My brother rolled down his window to yell at them to get out of the way, and that is when it happened." She paused for a moment, tears welled in her eyes.

"You do not have to continue." Todd tried to reassure her, but there was no stopping her from continuing.

"When his window opened up, they reached in and grabbed him. He had fought hard for a minute, but then they started to bite his face and neck. They pulled him completely out of the car and onto the ground. All of them gathered around him and began biting him as well. I have never seen anything like it before. I screamed so loud I thought that I was going to lose my voice. They began to stop biting him and stood up to look at me. I ran, as hard as I could and came here."

She finished her story with a large sigh, and new tears began to well in her eyes. "Hey now, what is your name?"

"Susan." she answered with a quick breath.

"Well, Susan. It appears that we are safe in here. I know the police will most likely be here in just a minute or so. We can just wait here until they do." Todd watched as her body loosened up a bit at the thought of the police coming. Todd found that he was looking at quite the attractive young lady. She was fit, with short brown hair that framed a pretty face. In another world, Todd was sure she would have had an easy time finding a boyfriend. Not that that really mattered to Todd, who was gay.

"How long do you think that it will be until the police get here?" Susan looked as if she was going to run again if they did not get here in a few seconds.

"It was a few minutes ago that I heard the cashier yelling at the robber person and yelling into the phone for help. I am actually surprised they are not here yet. Must be something like traffic slowing them down."

"Where is the cashier?" Susan asked.

"I don't know actually. Like I said, I was in the rest--" But the rest of Todd's words were lost in a scream. Susan's mouth was open and her eyes were staring at the door that she had come through. Her finger was raised and pointed at the man at the door.

"Mark?" Susan whispered to no one in particular. Her mouth continued to move, but no sound came from it.

"That is your brother?" Todd asked, but got no response from Susan. She continued to just stare at the doorway. "I can let him in here if you want." Todd headed for the doorway, planning on releasing the door and letting this girls brother into the safety of the store.

"No!" Susan yelled. She finally snapped out of her shock and stopped Todd from opening the door. "Look at that." She pointed past her brother into the night. Todd looked, but had a hard time making out what was going on beyond the glare. Finally several figures appeared through the glass.

"Holy Shit." Todd's mouth hung open at what he was looking at. There must have been ten more people, all of them looked like they had been to hell and back. Several of them were so mangled that it was a wonder that they were still standing.

"That is the group that attacked my brother. I thought he was dead, but now I am not so sure." Susan explained to Todd. The figures reached the glass and began pounding on it. It looked to be that they wanted to break in, there hands were covered in blood and now the glass was smeared as well. Their mouths also kept opening and shutting, with these low moans escaping from them every few seconds. To Todd, it felt like a horror movie.

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