Monday, January 16, 2012

The Restroom Part 4

Todd thought about Jo, and how he had seemed like a regular person not a couple of hours ago. When Todd had first come in through the front door, the clerk was just a regular bored young man. He may have smoked a little too much dope and was a bit spacey, but no one deserved that type of fate. Then Todd's mind had come back to Susan.

Susan was quiet now, more than she had ever been. She would stare at her feet, with a glance at the front door every few seconds, then back to her feet. Todd knew what was going through her mind, it was obvious. Her brother is out there, acting just like this guy did. A monster of some kind. I doubt that he ever deserved it either. And of course those at the front door were not making anything easier. Their hands were pounding on the glass so hard it was shaking now, and it appeared that there were more of them out there at this time. Add to this pounding was the noise that they were making.

The noise was actually the worst part of it all. It was like this low wailing noise, like a banshee in the night. It made the hair on Todd's arms stand up. Every few minutes there would be a louder one that was a bit higher pitched and frantic, these made Todd's blood run cold. He did not think that his nerves could take much more of this let alone days like he thought he would need to endure.

"Do you think that they are still in there?" Susan asked. The words were low, but somehow pierced the wails from outside to reach Todd's ears.

"I don't really think so. Something happened to them and I don’t think they are still in there. Maybe they were replaced, or possessed?"

"So, you think my brother is possessed?" Susan retorted sharply.

"Maybe. I don't know. This is all so new. Who would even know?" Todd replied quickly.

"Well, I think they died. I think that maybe the person dies and that they are taken over by a demon or something."

"Isn't that being possessed?" Todd asked. Curiosity creased his face.

"No. Being possessed means you are still in there, experiencing everything, seeing everything and knowing everything. I hope to God that my brother is still not in there knowing what is going on. I hope to God that he died, and that somehow his dead body is what is being taken over. If there was any God, then that is what would have happened." Todd found himself calming her again, but tears could now be seen in his eyes.

This was the first time that Todd had let his mind wander to Mike. He was most likely at home right now, waiting for Todd to get there and freaking out about him being so late. What if these issues have spread all around? The thought frightened even more now thinking that Mike may be in a situation similar to his own. Although Mike worked out a lot more than Todd and was much more physically fit, he was also not as scrappy. Could he take care of himself?

It was no use thinking about it though. All it did is wear on his nerves even more and there was nothing he could do about it right now. Todd was sure he was safe somewhere though, along with the rest of his family. And as long as he was trapped there, Todd would continue telling himself that.

"Hey Todd. What are we going to do?"

"I don't know. Wanna play hang man?" Susan smiled with that.

"No, I mean what are we going to do to get out of here? What if they get in?" Susan had a look of worry, but not fear. She had the look of survival growing across her face.

"I am still thinking about the escape thing. I don't know about how or when we will be able to do it, but I am sure we will. Now, the other question is a little bit more serious. Do you think there is some place around here that we can go to in case they break in?"

"What about the cooler?" Susan's first idea only took a second to come out. "It would have water and drinks and some food in there, just in case."

"Yes, but what about the cold? And the fact that the front is all glass. Couldn't they break that?"

"Ya, your right. Where else around here can we go back into. I don't really wanna go into the office."

"I doubt the office would do much good as it is. I think it is open around the side there." And with this they both pondered for several minutes as to where they could possibly try and hideout while in the store. Todd looked around the store, trying to draw inspiration from anything that he could find. The ceiling was high, but without the normal paneling, so no attic to climb into.

Todd thought back to when he first came into the store. He tried to think if he saw anything that might provide them with cover. Nothing was coming to mind though. He had been so focused on getting to the restroom that he hadn't really paid attention. The restroom, that was brilliant.

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