Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Bite Cont

A breath in and out, another and bang, a zombie hits the floor. Both of the people in the car look around frantically, although a zombie dead is good, there are some bad things other than the undead in this world. Walking forward, Tommy beads in on the second one, bang, this one hits the sidewalk. The last one is now pounding on the glass of their car, trying to reach in and pull its meal out through the window. Not looking around, these things have a very one track mind, feed, and so it didn’t see or hear Tommy come up behind it and with a quick movement crushed its head in with the stock of the gun.

“Come on, get out of the car. I am not going to hurt you and unless you want one of those guys to shamble on over and take a large bite out of your ass, fine by me, but I didn’t waste two bullets for nothing now move.” Both of them climb to the backseat and get out the door. At this time a few more of them had made it onto Tommy’s street, but nothing that couldn’t be handled.

“Wait, I need to get some things from the trunk” Said the man.

“We don’t have the time to be getting any shit man”

“We have to, we have food and water and some weapons in here, can’t be leaving any of this behind.”

“Alright” Grumbled Tommy, knowing this guy was right and hating the fact he was wrong about something, but at least he could admit when he was wrong and learn from those mistakes. They gathered everything they could in their arms and made their way back to Tommy’s place. “Put everything in the back of the truck, except the guns, I will be right back out and we will not be staying here long.”

Running inside Tommy grabbed the rest of his ammo, a bag of clothes and some food. He was just about done when he heard a voice from the driveway. “What was that?” Asked Tommy, just then he heard a gunshot, then another. Figuring that his time was up, he ran outdoors. At the end of his driveway laid a body, and right behind that one two more were making their way towards them. Just when he had brought his gun up to shoot, one head exploded and the other fell over with an arrow sticking out of its eye.

Looking around Tommy realized that the woman had fired a crossbow, and with a smile he jumped into the truck. “Everyone get in.” They both jumped into the cab and just then he realized his huge mistake. “Shit, I forgot the key inside!” Kicking himself he went to jump from the cab.

The moment he landed, he knew there was something wrong. Earlier, when the scratching at the door stopped, he did not remember the zombie that was doing it outside in the street. That was when it hit him, and the zombie grabbed him at the same time. The zombie was under the truck, hiding. Though don’t really think that was what it was doing, seeing as how they are brainless, it probably saw a cricket and went to it. Now it had a hold of Tommy’s pant leg. He let out a mild yelp and fell to the ground. Normally he would have been ok in this situation, but the wind got knocked out of him and he was stunned for a second.

It was a putrid thing. Clawing its way forward, pulling with hands that had started to rot away and the fingernails were missing from scratching at the door the whole time. Must have been a business man, because it was wearing a tie and what was left of its white shirt, well what Tommy thought used to be white, was covered in blood and gore. Couldn’t tell you what kind of pants he was wearing when he got attacked, for he had no legs left. He was just pulling himself forward using his hands, trying to get to the meaty part of his meal. Looking up, all Tommy could see were those teeth, and this gaping mouth. Luckily he got a hand up in time to keep it from biting. It was a losing battle though, in a second it would have its meal and there was nothing he could do about it. Looking up into the face of the undead all he could see was his own death. Eye to eye, nothing now could stop it, when he was suddenly splashed with a cold fluid and the eye that was just looking at him now had the head of an arrow looking at him. Rolling the body off him, Tommy actually thanked god and got up.

“Now, I would really like to get out of here, so if you would please, go and get those keys.” The guy said grinning at Tommy and urging him on. He raced indoors and grabbed the key on the hook and was back outside before anymore showed up.  Jumping in the cab he fired the engine up. Yup, a full tank of gas, again thanking god Tommy backed out of the driveway. Hitting the gas, he moved the truck forward and towards the highway.

“Now, the only question I have, do you have any suggestions as to where we can go?”

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