Monday, July 4, 2011

What a Novel Idea

The Z age is a world that I have created in my fiction writing. Think of it as the next evolution in man, or devolution that is. We went from the stone age, moved into the bronze age, iron age came next. From there it was a little fuzzy, but dark ages came and went and somehow we found ourselves in the modern age. We were very content and happy in this time, until something went wrong.
Just like typical fashion, we found a way to screw things up and we released a plague upon the world. Now we have entered the Z age, or Zombie era. Not sure how long this is gonna last, but I am writing the stories of survivors and victims as they traverse this new unforgiving land.
Some of these stories I may write here, others can be found at Smashwords. Hope you enjoy and take heed, as even the CDC says one must be prepared for the worst.....

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