Thursday, July 14, 2011

Surviving a Disaster

Well, if you ever find yourself in a place that you never thought you would be, have no fear. With some preparations you could easily overcome anything and survive in style. , This place is the place to go.

There motto is if you can prepare and survive a zombie apocalypse, then you can survive any disaster that may come your way. In fact, the CDC now has a page dedicated to that and nearly copied them word for word. So, if you were curious on how to live on your own, then you can find it there. If you wanted to learn about radios or hams then you could do that there as well.

Overall, whatever it is you may want to know and learn about surviving any disaster, they can help. A wonderful group of people that look out for each other and help those in need. If there were anyone that I could pick to be on my side, it would be this group of people.

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