Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Writing

Hello Everyone,
   I am writing this as I am finally going to start to get back into my writing phase of life. Things over the last month have been so hectic in my personal life that I was not able to get anything done at all, even when it comes to finishing my short stories.
  Speaking of my short stories, I have been working on wrapping my latest one up, finally. If you remember correctly I did post it, but decided I had been tired and slightly delusional when I did it, and it really needed a proofread through. I then un posted it, and never revised it. Well, I have now begun revising it so that it is better and the story flows from beginning to end. I also tweaked it a bit, and will most likely be changing the name of it, as the current name does not really fit with what the story currently is.
   I must say though that this story is being very much influenced by those funny little science guys at I would definitely check out their work. I must add in though that their ideas are new and radical, but when I think about it I am actually shocked that no one had thought about this type of stuff before. It is revolutionary. I will make sure I start updating daily here so that anyone that is reading will know what is going on.

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