Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What to write?

 I find myself stuck in that conundrum quite often. What should I write? Should I work on another short story and get it out there for everyone to read? Should I work on my current novel project? Or should I maybe try something new that I have been thinking about? There is a lot that I love to read, and I am sure that I would love to write different stuff as well. But what to write?
  Up to this point I have written a lot of horror type of stuff and one erotica.Everything I have published has been a short story. My head is full of grand dreams and stories that I should be noting, but I forget to sometimes. Even sitting here I have at least three different stories flash across my mind, and a part of me wants to live each of them out. I guess one day I may write them all, but what should I write first?
  Short stories are great, as they can be thought up, written and edited in a short time frame. I can usually have one from start to finish in a few weeks. That is a short amount of time. A full length novel takes a lot more time to write, but the story is much more in depth and I am more committed to the characters. There are benefits and pitfalls to both.
  Although, I am now thinking a little bit more on it and I have found that I really want to live a huge grand adventure. Something that is a journey and fun. It would lean in the fantasy direction, but with a little bit of scifi  mixed in. Well, I guess writing it here has helped me make my mind up. I better head on out and start this, I have the feeling that it could be a long story.

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