Sunday, August 28, 2011

I shall continue

What is on everyone's mind right now? Why, it is the hurricane that is. Hurricane Irene is heading up the east coast and is reeking havoc everywhere it goes. Winds and rain are battering everyone that stands in it's path and there is no stopping it. So, what am I doing? I am sitting here writing and getting myself mentally ready to walk in the storm to the store.
  That is right, I am crazy enough to walk in this dang storm. It is not that I particularly want to walk outside during a hurricane (but that 10 year old boy in me thinks it is cool) it is just that I have been sent on a mission by my pregnant wife. I need to fulfill this mission or I would have one very sad woman on my hands, and honestly, that is just no good.
 So, I am psyching myself up for running to the store. I don't want to get wet either, but it is gonna happen. What I am really excited about though is this new story I am writing. I have written 4000 words over the last few days. This is a huge accomplishment for me, as I have a hard time finding the time to write. My hours at work are sometimes strange plus I have a family, so the conditions must be just right for me to be able to write.
  Here is a little info on it: Marcus is a young man working hard to keep his family afloat. With the death of his father recently he has had to pick up the slack and fill a void left behind. Things never seem to go his way, but a chance find on a journey into the local village finds him starting an adventure that he never thought possible. He and his family find themselves in the middle of world events, and how those events play out is determined by their actions.
  That is a rough idea, and even I am not really sure exactly where things are going to go. We shall see and I will let the story tell itself in my writing. I must go and prepare a bit more, until next time. Everyone, stay safe and warm.

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