Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What would you do?

  I have posted a lot on here about my stories, but one thing that I haven't really talked about is  something more real, and that is preparedness. Being ready for the unthinkable and surviving to tell the tale of it. So, I will ask a simple question here, what would you do? Two situations. First: you run into a zombie while you are on a deserted road. It is open, and there is just one of them. Second: you are in your home with family or close friends. Several of them are breaking through your front door, back door is clear. Do you fight, and take out the threat or run?
  In the first situation, I would say run. And here is how it would play out for me, in story form.
     The sky is clear this night, with the stars easily visible. There are so many in the sky one could easily get lost thinking how many there could be. The road is empty as I kick a rock out in front of me. With no cars or people around, I don't have to worry about hitting anyone or anything. There is a soft crack sound from the wooded area to my left, most likely it is a squirrel.
      There is a terrible smell that causes my nostrils to burn and my throat to gag. I nearly throw up when I notice someone come from around a corner. I can immediately tell that the smell is coming from them. They are moving in a strange way, jerking a little bit and shuffling their feet. Arms upraised I hear a soft moan escape from their lips. I am terrified as they get closer. I run out into the empty road and move around it. Their arms are still raised, but they move slowly and turn to where I am. I realize that they are slow, and I am faster. Once I am around them, I start speed walking home. I quickly lose sight of them and when I get home I ensure that I have a weapon near my bed that night.
  Now, if I were at home and protecting my family, you can bet there would be some rage against the zombies going on.
       The banging at the door is getting louder. There are now three of them trying to get into my house and eat me. My wife and kids are crying behind me, fear apparent across their faces. I know that we could escape through the back door, but I do not know if there are more out there. Also, they could follow and what good would it do to flee. I grab a small baseball bat and several wooden spears fashioned from a broom and mop.
      With the spears in hand and the bat in reach, I twist the knob quickly and open the door. I think there was a look of surprise on the faces of the zombies, but I did not give them long before I stabbed the first one through the eye with one of my spears. It sunk in deeply and down it went. My second spear found it's mark on my next target. With two bodies, the third was slowed down significantly which gave me the time to regain my bat and to swing with all my might. The bat was small, so it took multiple hits, but it was sturdy and hard and survived long enough to end the last zombie. Breathing deeply I stood over the bodies, blood on my hands and clothing dripped into a forming puddle.
        A bright light shone into my eyes and the sounds of a police officer could be heard from the porch. I must look like a serial killer standing over the dead like that, but at least my family was safe.

So, how would you do it in these situations?

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