Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What a night

Last night I was writing like a mad man. Once I was all done for the night and too tired to even think I had knocked out an amazing 2000 words. That was crazy and exciting. I just sat down and began to write with the words flowing from me like no other. This is not a short story, it will be a much longer novel, and most likely one in a series. I will tell you that it will not be a typical horror story. It is more a fantasy/adventure type.
  Never fear though because the way my mind works I will most likely still have a zombie or two involved in the story. In fact, they may be quite prevalent. Whatever the case may be I am excited about the direction the story i headed and how fast it is coming to me. I will keep everyone updated as to my progress on this and anything else I may start writing.

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