Saturday, August 20, 2011


  Like my title states, the study of the undead. I know that I am new to that type of thing but I must say that it really is a cool thing to study. The guys over at have come up with some really breathtaking breakthroughs. And these are the things that I am trying to base my books on. I mean, what is better than writing something that is as accurate as possible?
  Speaking of which, I know that sometimes writers have to take some liberties with facts, but honestly they take it way too far at times. I think of movies where the craziest things happen, with some crazy science to back it up. Heck, I remember watching one movie that basically said one could create a larger nuclear bomb just by adding some fuel next to the bomb itself. Geek detour: the reason that does not work is due to the fact that a nuclear device requires an uncontrollable fission reaction with a cascade of neutrons. This is caused by a precision explosion that compresses the material in the center and forces these particles towards the fuel. There is some other science involved, but that science does not support a bigger bang just because there is fuel nearby. That works with a regular bomb, not this kind.
  Anyway, I find myself ranting a bit. Sorry about that. But I do think that I am not alone in this world when I read something that could possibly be real. I am not saying that a virus will turn people into zombies, but if that event did happen, I would think there would be certain rules that would need to be followed.
  I personally cannot wait until they release there next paper. I don't know what it will be on exactly, but I do know that it will also be groundbreaking. I hope to use this new knowledge to create a better story and something a little scarier. In the meantime though I will try and work on a new story. I have two things in mind, and I am not sure which direction I should go in.
  My first thought is something that I thought about, then changed my mind for the last short story I did. I was thinking some post-apocalyptic erotica. I am not alone in this thought either, as someone I follow in twitter @gingerkytten has also thought of writing one of these stories.
   My other thought is something more of a thriller/mystery type of story. Of course, it would still contain a lot of blood and guts and most likely would fit into my world here. This would be a little different than I have written in the past, so I hope it would come out ok.
 Whatever I choose to do, there is a good chance I would end up writing both stories in time anyway. Well, I think I will get down to it. They say the best way to write something is to write it.

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